[FIXED] How to fix SBL Error on Samsung Galaxy S7/S7Edge


SBL Error is one of the problems of Samsung galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.This happens after Odin got stuck flashing RPM from stock firmware.

Today we are going to fix this problem in easily so don’t be scared.First of all, thanks to EFT dongle for the the tool to fix this mind blowing problem.

This method does NOT use EDL cable. This method requires open the device.. ..No files needed, just EFT dongle..


1. Open device and remove main board
2. Follow detail pics to make TP .make TP by solder wire to the point and GROUND
3. Once made TP connections are solid, insert USB
4. Notice Windows device driver Qualcomm 9008 port notification …(important)
5. Now we see if scan port on EFT the 9008 device (COMxx)
6. Then if YES from step Above, then DEsolder GROUND wire
OR if NO, check TP again and start from step 2
7. device is now ready to recover from SBL Upload Mode, go to …

Unbrick Boot tab and select model and scan port. press Repair
repair only takes a few seconds and device should be ready to
flash repair firmware. Use button combo to enter download
mode and flash 4_Files.

NOTE: It is hard to make TP and have the board inside the phone frame. So the method that worked for me was just connect charging port flex cable to the board only. After you have made TP connection, scan the port and see 9008 COMxx in EFT software.

That is all for enter 9008 mode so wire is not needed any longer. You can DEsolder it from the board but i just DEsoldered the GROUND side and continued to do the repair with EFT. Once the phone has been repaired you can pull battery and DEsolder the entire wire and reassemble the phone together.

Thats it, just flash it now.

NOTE: Detail pictures are not here but for download.

Follow the link to download Testpoint pictures (credit wadda7o)  https://mega.nz/#!RCRUwCiT!gqEE2qRDF…6xwFJijg-IEC7c

You can also watch the video below to get more understanding. Share and Repair now.


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